- Product Summary -


KAYO specializing in Design, Research, Manufacture and Distribution Li-ion rechargeable battery; more than ten years of technical accumulation, production practice, market sales and brand promotion,we have formed lots of competitive advantage in major market areas.

Product Categories

  • Standard Type
  • Long Cycle Life Type
  • High Temperature Type And Low Temperature Type
  • High Rate Type
  • High Voltage type
  • GEL Technology Rype
  • Imported Branded Battery (Panasonic, LG and SAMSUNG)

Market Area

Longer Life

Financial Equipment Battery

10-year life design, 1500- 6000 cycles.Lithium batteries are more durable and long lasting.

Smaller Size

Industrial Battery

OTDR, Fiber Splicer, Ultrasound Detector, Car Recorder, Handheld GIS, Total Station and Lighting Device

Less Maintenance

Medical Equipment Battery

ECG, Emergency Breathing Device, Infusion Pump, Beauty and Massage Device and Smart wearable Device

LowerI Labor Costs

Smart Home Battery

Smart Home Monitor, Robot, Cordless phones and Security Alarm System

Faster Charging

Storage Back-up Battery

UPS, Energy Storage Station, Electric Patient Bed and Wheelchair

Increased Power Aapacity


Main Features

  • • High energy density: 480~630Wh/L
  • • High platform Voltage: 3.7V to 3.8V
  • • Long cycle life: ≥ 500cycles (according to IEC61960-1)
  • • Excellent cells consistency and low internal Impedance
  • • Safety and reliability: It can go through various tests of UL1642, UL2054 or UL62133
  • • Low self-discharge: ≤ 20% per month (store at 20 degree Celsius and humidity 45~75% RH)
  • • Agile cell’s dimensions designing for customized product
  • • Battery Management Systems: Smart BMS is available, including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current and short-circuit protection, Balance charge, SOC calculation, Temperature detection and Communication protocol systems, it can achieve to use hardware and software protecting battery pack.
  • • Plastic Case: To meet Flame-proof, water-proof and drop testing etc.
  • • Environmental friendly: Total compliance with RoHS and REACH, etc.

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